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Третину власників почав цікавити стан пожежної безпеки їхніх об'єктів 

Майже третина власників об'єктів промислової нерухомості для оцінки реального стану пожежної безпеки користуються послугами незалежних органів інспектування.

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How to Start a New Career

Many people change a lot of careers during the whole life. Sometimes it's for good, sometimes it's bad, but nobody knows that...

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Consulting Tip: Never Eat Alone

Everybody has holidays. If you don't travel, you have a great chance to share food with your friends through the social network.

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Why PowerPoint is Bad

There are thousands of examples of bad PowerPoint slides, but this one is special...

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Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance Manifesto

What are the main design values and why do they really matter with behavioral science?

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Learnings from Losing the Contract

A year ago I had a great opportunity to fight for a contract product management role...

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Three Prototypical Styles of Consulting

In these latter days, I found myself reporting how a specific consulting engagement can come together. The result was...

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